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Mistress Jacqueline
Mistress Jacqueline

What the hell is a Dominatrix?

That was the sentiment of the general population before Mistress Jacqueline came on to the scene. Mistress Jacqueline made the title 'Dominatrix' a standard household word. Many have followed in her path, but it's a fact that Mistress Jacqueline is the maverick who fostered the idea that BDSM and fetish are viable, acceptable expressions of human sexuality.


No Guts, No Glory

Jacqueline had the courage to write a book called Whips and Kisses in which she very candidly described her own personal sexual evolution. Like thousands of others, Jacqueline struggled with shame and guilt about being different. But unlike many, she made the decision to come out of the closet and share her secret publicly. Once she did, her world changed completely and there was no going back. She felt an amazing sense of relief. It was powerful to live life genuinely, honestly and unashamed.


In the early 90's Mistress Jacqueline appeared on every major daytime talk show including Phil Donahue, Sally Jessie Raphael, Joan Rivers, Montel Williams and many others. Her message touched numerous souls of and soon thousands were exploring the more secret side of their sexuality.



Mistress Jacqueline is a true believer in self acceptance. So what if someone enjoys sexuality outside of the box? Following the path of the LGBT community, Jacqueline realized that the BDSM community needed to be heard. Jacqueline stepped up to the plate and became that voice. It has been her life mission to motivate others towards self acceptance and embracing all forms of human sexuality.

Whips and Kisses

Whips and Kisses
book signing 1991

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